dr Balazs Csonka lawyer
dr Balazs Csonka lawyer

I graduated at the University of Szeged, Hungary in 2000.
After four years in the legal profession I founded my own law firm in 2004.

The statistics of my office in the first 10 years:

Criminal procedures 643
Civil actions at courts 136
Civil actions out of court 186
Contracts by the civil law 382
Contracts by the company law 52
Actions at the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights 11

There have been no complains at the bar association against my office.

Languages: English (French, German)


I can only assume responsibility in subjects to the exclusive jusisdiction of Hungarian law, as specified below:
– defence in criminal proceedings,
– representation of the plaintiff (injured party) in criminal proceedings/in compensation,
– giving opinion on contracts and other agreements,
– legal counselling in civil, criminal, inheritance and other law.